Versioning System
Versioning our themes helps us keep track of what’s been added/removed at what point. It gives our customers insight into what to expect with any theme upgrade.
As of July 2019 all Kajabi supported themes are versioned with the Semantic Versioning System. This gives us the ability to keep both the developers and the consumers informed on the changes in each theme upgrade.

1.1.1 MAJOR: A version that makes incompatible changes to the prior versions. 1.1.1 MINOR: A version that adds functionality in a backwards-compatible manner. 1.1.1 PATCH: A version that makes backwards-compatible bug fixes.
If the theme that you are working with does not have version information at the bottom of the settings tab in the theme editor it falls into one of two categories.
  1. 1.
    It is not a Kajabi supported theme and you should reach out to the 3rd part developer that created the theme for you.
  2. 2.
    It is a theme that was created before July of 2019 and should be upgraded with caution.
Feel free to reach out to the Kajabi Product Experience team with any questions you may have around theme versions and changes at [email protected]
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