Encore Page

  • Fixes event video join now button when used in conjunction with next funnel page or 2-step opt-in or scroll-to section

  • Brassilia Standard time is using DST even when it shouldn't
  • Mislocated quotation mark causing HTML parsing errors
  • Blog error: "Liquid Error: memory limits exceeded"
  • New Website Builder - Card Block CTA action does not open Two Step Opt in
  • Regressed theme functionality for button alignment on inline forms
  • Bullets are not centering

  • Carousel section with Image, Video, and Testimonial slides

  • Fixes hello bar two-step action
  • Fixes background video for duplicated sections
  • Fixes hidden blocks when timed reveal is added
  • Fixes event video bug

  • Added header color overrides for mobile

  • Adds fix to apply border-radius to both the image and block
  • Fixes background color bug for login section
  • Fixes background color for the "powered by" section

  • Added header color overrides for mobile

  • Fixed footer background color when transparent.
  • Removed default footer background color.
  • Fixed default button color

  • Fixed Hero Section with animation being cut off on mobile.

  • Added option in Header section "Mobile Layout" to close the menu on scroll.
  • Removed Google Plus from all sections and components.
  • Cleaned up the site presets.
  • Added TikTok, Spotify, Medium, and Podcasts.
  • Updated FontAwesome version to v5.15.2.
  • Changed both Page and Site button border radius default to 4.

  • Fixed border-radius oveflow for blocks
  • Wistia background video fix (update js scripts)
  • Padding fixes for assessment, image, video, and video embed blocks

  • Removed Google Plus from all sections and components.
  • Cleaned up the site presets.
  • Added TikTok, Spotify, Medium, and Podcasts.
  • Updated FontAwesome version to v5.15.2.

  • Encore Page 2.0 Release! 🎉

  • Overlay image is responsive when an image width is set
  • Header announcements text doesn’t disappear on hover
  • Header announcement is only clickable when a link is set
  • Heading font colors change based on block or section background
  • Form button is aligned properly when label inputs are selected
  • Countdown block text alignment for desktop
  • Removes presets tab in theme settings

  • New “Policy” page preset

  • Adds new Coming Soon preset

  • Encore is default page for Kajabi Pipelines

  • Accordion block is stretches its height when equal height blocks are enabled

  • Exit and Two-step popups have image and form blocks by default
  • Added desktop and mobile text size for the event block

  • Inline Form buttons are center aligned
  • Forms use placeholder inputs by default

  • Favicon loads by default
  • Two step and exit popups are now dynamic sections
  • Added new blocks to the exit and two step popup
  • General Accessibility Updates
    • Changed "Powered By Kajabi" section to an <aside>
    • Removed default image alt attributes, so the user can make describe an image, or leave it blank as a "presentational" image.
    • Removed default form id's, so the user chooses a form on instantiation
    • Added the option for form labels or placeholders

  • Multi-video now opens the two-step opt-in
  • Pricing blocks now allows inline styling for list items
  • Default padding is only applied when there is a block border, background color, or box shadow
  • Rearranges block settings for better user experience
  • Header dropdown menu changes color with the header text color setting
  • Removed double rendering of header elements

As a follow up to the new encore page builder, we've added more then a dozen new features and fixes to help showcase your products and to create an even more better experience when building a page.

  • Added text alignment for mobile devices
  • Grid indicators are now positioned correctly under the element
  • Event video defaults to primary color
  • Updated styling for the pricing card Added “most popular” indicator to the pricing card
  • Enhanced UI for the Multi-video block
  • Padding and Margin components can be increment/decrement by 10 when you hold shift
  • Added an optional CTA to the text block
  • Added an Image Gallery for sections
  • Added disclaimer text to forms
  • Updated styling for the countdown timer block
  • Added block border options
  • Fixed header will show/hide on scroll

  • Time Reveal Shows for all blocks and sections
  • Removed screen jitter for full-height sections on mobile
  • Countdown timers now count down to 0
  • Fixed formatting for fixed background images on mobile
  • Removes x-axis scroll when animations are present
  • The following blocks are now centered by default on mobile: Pricing, Cta, Feature, Multi-video, Form
  • Fixed header no longer cause a jitter on page jump on load
  • Fixes background video for all browsers
  • Adds setting to disable custom icons for the pricing block
  • Images are full width by default when specified width isn’t set
  • Text links now appears in primary color
  • Adds thanks you pages to two-step and exit popup
  • Feature image is only clickable when an action is set
  • Feature image open the two-step popup
  • Removes extra cta from the cta section
  • Feature image is only clickable is a link is set
  • Feature image now opens the two-step popup
  • Close button for the modal has more padding
  • Volume control displays when autoplay is disabled
  • Modal with only video displays the video as a max of 650px
  • Image overlay take up full width of block when an action is enabled

The official release of the new encore page builder. Focused on having just the right balance of simplicity and features. All so you can build beautiful, powerful pages, go live, and make your impact.

  • Site logo automatically pulls into the theme
  • Horizontal Image alignment setting
  • Option to loop videos
  • Hints Recommended image sizes
  • Placeholders to the spacing inputs
  • New placeholder images
  • New Presets
  • Overlay header on mobile
  • Settings for header dropdown text and background color on mobile

  • Social icons section

  • Adds option for media background of none - speeds up page load
  • Event Video now loads when an event starts
  • Two step now works for images with overlay enabled
  • Announcement bar shows even when the header is hidden
  • Announcement only becomes clickable when an action is set
  • Powered by section stays at the bottom
  • Fixes padding issue when the header and header menu have different background colors
  • Typo fix for horizontal alignment
  • Removes the hamburger toggle when the header menu is empty
  • Fixes section overlap for full height sections

Three new presets along with changes to the two step modal to make the form more customizable.

  • Three New Preset starting points

  • Form button settings
  • Spacing on accordion blocks by default
  • Header CTA to have same settings as all other CTA buttons

Complete a full sweep of the default theme settings and presets. Also, added new blocks that were available in the Premier Page theme.

  • New event info block
  • New event countdown block
  • Image alignment setting for bg image
  • New event video block
  • Added core form styles
  • New multi-video launch block
  • New CTA button settings

  • Forms stack by default
  • Buttons default to the primary color
  • Updated default offer and storefront presets
  • Reformatted the card element
  • Styling options added for social icons
  • Improved styling for the announcement block
  • Full sweep of Encore presets
  • Full sweep of Encore default block settings
  • Fixed inline form button color bug
  • Improved pricing block styling
  • Buttons default to full width

Update to the global settings to have one two-step optin that all CTA's can point to. Also, drastically simplifies the code that controls the settings and blocks to reduce the liquid load.

  • Global Two Step Optin

Minor updates to the codebase to group settings in a way that improves productivity.

  • Global Primary Color that controls all CTAs by default.
  • Grouped layout and background settings.
  • Adds 5 box-shadow types for improved customization.
  • Adds Testimonial presets.

  • Moves Width Selector to the top of the settings panel.
  • Improves how cards are styled.

First working beta version of our new theme Encore! This is a brand new take on our classic builder theme. It is focused on less code with more flexibility and focus.

  • Block-Based Header / Footer
  • Sections that perform similar to custom content in Premier.
  • Grouped settings for more focused creation
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