Theme Changelog

Premier Page

6.1.2 - Apr 17, 2020


  • Removed player controls from background video.

6.1.1 - Jun 04, 2019

In this update, we've resolved the remaining backlogged bugs and styling blemishes of the Premier Page theme. In addition, we've revised the default copy for a few pipelines and added more helpful hints and tips for some of the more complicated sections and blocks.


  • Added styling for Blockquotes
  • Simple rich text editor added to Custom Card block
  • Minor updates to the copy for a few sections and pipeline pages
  • Added hints and tips to explain complicated sections and blocks


  • Black line was removed from the YouTube embed video section


  • Full Height Background Image is now formatted properly on Tablet
  • A video now shows up in "Shows During Event" portion of the Event Video Section in the theme editor
  • The Facebook Comments widget now spans the full width of the container
  • The Link List section now matches the sizing and casing of the header menu