Premier Site

  • Removed player controls from background video.

  • Resolves the Google console error for background videos.
  • Favicon is properly pulled in from Site Details.

Much like our Premier Page theme, we've resolved the remaining bugs and styling blemishes of the Premier Site theme. In addition, we've added more functionality like the ability to add a background image to the page or toggling on and off elements in the Site Store.

  • You can now add a background image or change the color of the background
  • Added a simple rich text editor to the custom card block
  • Added a toggle for the Sales Page section in the site store
  • Added a toggle for the Sales Page tags in the site store
  • Added the option to open Social links in a new window
  • Added hints and tips to explain complicated sections and blocks

  • Removed the white line from the user dropdown menu

  • "Heading Font Color" no longer affects the body text of Static Pages, Blog Posts, Legacy Sales Pages
  • Pricing option text color is no longer thrown off by the section background color
  • Form validation error no longer shifts the input boxes out of line
  • CTA buttons are now based on Header Font Family instead of Body Font Family
  • Fixed empty navbar formatting on mobile
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