Premier Product

  • Auto-advance for audio posts

  • Added audio as media type for posts

  • Changed "Mark as Complete" from a block to an element. This ensures that "Mark as Complete" is always rendered to the page, but with the option of being hidden by CSS. This fixes video progress tracking.

  • Cleared interval when advancing to next post

Bug fix for the cross-sell block in the premier product sidebar.

  • sidebar cross-sell card is now based on the offers instead of sales pages.

This is a major version update with sweeping bug fixes across the entire Premier Product theme. Below are the changes and fixes found in this version.

  • Added an option for "Open in New Window" for Social Icons
  • Added additional hints to the sidebar for extra information for the user

  • Removed a white-line that was present at the top of the toggled user dropdown

  • Fixed the Course Progress bar not updating
  • Fixed the progress bar on the Inline player
  • Fixed an issue with the comments where the first comment would not show up until after a refresh
  • Fixed a bug where the user menu does not show up on mobile if the main menu is disabled
  • Fixed an issue where the Call to Action gets hidden on mobile when the menu is not toggled on
  • Fixed an issue where the Body Column Width aligned all the text to the left
  • Fixed an issue where links in the post were not wrapping correctly when in Mobile/Tablet
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