Theme Documentation


Themes include a settings_schema.json file, which is a form that makes it easy for the user to customize the look-and-feel of the theme.
You can use the settings_schema.json file to configure the theme settings that the user has access to using the theme editor.

About settings_schema.json

The settings_schema.json file is located in the config directory of a theme. It controls the organization and content of the menu in the theme editor.
The settings_schema.json file contains the definitions for your theme settings, grouped into sections according to the setting type.
Here's an example of a settings definition for two input settings of type colorin the settings_schema.json file:
"name": "Colors",
"settings": [
"type": "color",
"id": "color_borders",
"label": "Border colors",
"default": "#e5e5e5"
"type": "color",
"id": "color_body_text",
"label": "Body text",
"default": "#333333"
The settings_schema.json file is validated before being saved to make sure it follows the correct format.