Theme Types

Each theme type has different included elements that make them unique so when getting started it is important to understand what you are trying to build.

Landing Page Theme

The Kajabi Landing page theme is a single page theme that can be used for any number of pages on a customers site. The Primary use cases are creating Generic Website Pages, Lead Generation Pages and Sales Pages .

Website Theme

The Kajabi Website theme is a larger scope theme and is designed to be the home for the customers. It houses all the authentication pages as well as the library and blog pages to round out all the core functionality a customer needs to create a working Kajabi Portal.

Product Theme

The Kajabi Product theme is the theme that makes it possible for the customer to consume the course information provided by the Kajabi Admin.

Email Theme

The Kajabi Email Theme is the newest member of the Kajabi Theme Suite and is an table based HTML email template that makes it possible for the Kajabi Customer to create beautiful complex email layouts similar to providers such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact.

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